Buy Smarter. Be Better.

Cruxx is a first-of-its-kind marketplace dedicated to the products, services, technologies, apps, tools and systems needed to create a smarter planet and accelerate sustainable global growth - a consumer marketplace, a business marketplace, and aninteractive collaborative community, across all industries and consumer categories. Amazon, Alibaba and Houzz in one - Cruxx will be THE destination for individuals, businesses, governments and all other players seeking smarter products, smarter solutions, smarter ways of doing business, smarter ways of living and smarter ways to build our cities and communities.

A b2b MARKETPLACE FOR THE PRODUCTS, SERVICES & solutions ENABLING better businesses, smarter cities & a sustainable planet.

An Alibaba style B2B marketplace dedicated to finding, procuring and producing better raw materials, better agricultural and industrial products, better designed buildings and cities, more efficient energy, transportation, waste, water, and pollution control systems, or clever new technologies for planning, production and distribution. For sellers, Cruxx means reaching a motivated and growing customer base and new global markets.  It means sustainable supply chains, smarter organizations, higher profit margins and better reputations. For buyers, it will be THE place to go to easily identify and procure smarter products, services, materials and technologies.